The Law of Love.
The Law of Love.

The Law of Love.

Excerpt from Katharine’s book ‘Before Trauma I was Love’;

“Karma are thoughts and deeds that do not align with the Love that we all are. Pain is compressed fear and fear is at the bottom of all deeds or thoughts that are not aligning with love.

People bought up with adults and caretakers in fear will eventually think life is frightening and love is dangerous. Truth is then something that could get them into trouble and ‘remaining innocent’ and not street wise, could feel like it could get you killed.

Being wise to others fear and trauma is how many of us end up living to stay safe. Lying, bending the truth and even criminal behaviours can become an accepted way of life. The fear compacts itself into layers upon layers of pain.

Not aligning with Love (the unconditional/Divine kind) creates pain or karma and the consequences make life heavy and lonely.

Once aligned with the law of Love and being honest with oneself and ones direction. Not leading with fear but dissolving it instead. Life becomes fun and exciting and beautiful.

Psychic readings of animals takes a degree of purity and honesty, why? Becuase animals are so honest, it’s why they make us laugh so much, and why they are so easy to love. Most readings however sad usually also make us laugh hard. Animals are effortlessly aligned with love and the Law of Love is felt by us and feels light, joyful, real and kind.

Animals live in the Law of Love and as a result teach us this every day.”