Psychic  Animal  Medium



Psychic Animal Medium Readings since 2000.


. 90 minute sessions

. One on one with Katharine

. Two sessions per month

. $400 per month

. Zoom / phone


You will learn:


. Muscle testing

. Meditation, in the way that works for your energy type

. Learning about energy types for yourself and the animals

. Start to regulate yourself by Transforming Triggers

. Into Stillness and the ability to listen and hear the:


. Ways to remain calm and regulated (not triggered) and above fear

. Animals communicate first through feeling your body

. Health and exercise habits that make your psychic abilities stronger

. Diet upgrade helping psychic abilities

. Medium ship

. Seeing psychic ‘photos’ or ‘films’ given to us by living animals and animals that have passed

. Trusting results, being brave and doing readings

. Home work and reclaiming magical of parts of yourself

. Inner child purification and listening and enjoying the magical child

. Subconscious awareness

. EFT EMDR and other powerful ways to upgrade subconscious no’s

. Growing each psychic strength, adding to what you already have







We are all psychic to one degree or another. It takes being enthused and open to learning from your own talents to grow this ability and trust it.

I started by writing down a conversation like a script, it would be myself then the animal. Then I would call the client and we would go through the conversation and usually the animal upgraded their behaviour. Even though this got results I eventually got good enough that I could ‘talk’ with the animals while on the phone with client and discuss what I was hearing while talking with the animal and explaining to the human.

You are having a psychic conversation with the animal and another one with the human. Then a whole ten years of doing readings I was determined to be able to ‘see’ pictures the animals wanted me to ‘see’. And slowly I began to ‘see’ the animals photos and videos. I could now describe not just their character but the color of the animals fur and eyes etc and ask them what they wanted from the reading. (This is why I don’t want photos or any information so I am totally a blank canvass.)

Once, I was shown a purple silky shirt so I said ‘she is showing me a purple siiky shirt’ and… (we were on the phone) the clients husband on the phone with the wife exclaimed ‘that’s what my wife is wearing right now’. Her and her husband were moved and excited to know their beloved dog was obviously watching over them and could describe her cool shirt!

Helping the animals is such an honor and something YOU can do with time and inclination.

One of the last gifts I nurtured into existence was being able to ‘see’ the animals memories so I could describe the memories they showed me to their owners. They show me a film of things they want resolving or want to understand.

I started for the first three years just reading for friends and family so I could get experience and confidence. I moved on to readings for donation. Once I knew I could be of help to animals and their humans I began to charge accordingly.

Don’t forget nurturing each psychic gift has evolved for me over a span of 23 years and 1000’s of readings.

The exciting thing is though I can teach this to you as I know how I got here and how to make each phase easy to learn and at a much faster pace.