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Psychic Animal Medium Readings since 2000.

Psychic Animal Readings and being a medium; with Katharine:


Animals can be communicated with after death. We can resolve how they died and reconnect again, energetically. Sadly, it doesn’t bring your beloved animal friend back to us as form, however, you can stretch intuitively and continue your relationship with them in spirit. Via the psychic readings I have noticed they usually desperately want to continue to open your heart and help you to grow, as they did in form. Animals teach us so much, they make us laugh and they help us to cry and be heart felt loving souls. They teach us love and we so often miss that loving connection when they leave us. But, and here is the kicker, they do not leave us energetically and that’s where I come in.


  • Beloved pets who have died and who you would like to connect and chat with
  • All animals large and small
  • Upgrading programming for yourself or your pet
  • Resolve relationships with your past pets
  • Moving old karmic patterns for yourself and or your animals
  • Your Animals Soul journey with you
  • Past life trauma resolution for yourself and your animals
  • Wild animals
  • Domesticated pets
  • Insects, bugs, fish, cold blooded and warm blooded animals reptiles
  • Animals still living having issues, illness or naughty habits
  • Plants, trees, seeds and how to be heard and hear them for healing and health
  • Your Soul animal mate and what they need from you right now
  • Resolve relationships with family pet members who have died
  • Resolve relationships with your pets and their trainer or other people in general
  • When did we take our animal to the vet for the last time – ask them, they will have prferences

A Bit About Katharine:

Origonally from Britain, Katharine moved to Austin Texas in 2000 and has been psychically reading animals and their owners professionally since 1998. Since choosing sobriety in 1989 ten years earlier and slowly letting go of all mood altering substances, then over a period of years wheat, sugar, caffeine, gluten, corn, meat, diary through various 12 step recovery program’s, she found she was developing profound psychic abilities.

Often when around people she didn’t know, Katharine witnessed past lives and could see how they had died. She could also, clearly see animals around them, who had died. Theses animals seemed to be wanting to relay information through her to their owners (strangers to K). At first this was alarming but occasionally she would approach the stranger and ask if they had ever known a pet that looked like this and died like that? Often the strangers reaction was emotional, they would be so moved they’d want to know more and it often led to a great feeling of connection and love for them and their animals.

After getting guidance from two professional psychics who helped her not to fear what was happening (this took years), she was guided to choose one skill. She decided to focus on animals and their owners. Katharine then began to learn and develop her medium ship and animal psychic skills while continually working on her own recovery and healing. Katharine found the purer she became the clearer her psychic skills became. Katharine loves her job. It is her deepest joy to be of service to animals and their humans.

N.B. in April of 2016 Katharine had a significant energetic shift. All fear and anxiety lifted! She slowly settled into this strange new paradym, a fear free state of Divine peacefulness which lasted a year. Katharine believes it came about as a result of doing 1000’s of psychic readings, and all the 12 step work, both of which she continues to this day. Taking a year to integrate that level of stillness and another year to keep some of it yet come back down to earth and return to being a householder, she is now is enjoying being a full time medium and is on fire for this work. Katharine is committed to becoming the best animal medium and psychic she can possibly be.

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All questions are very welcome. (I will not share your information)

I like to communicate psychically with your pet in the reading without any information before hand. I ask if you can keep any info. here to a minimum then we can get into it after I have connected with your pet. If you want to scheduel a reading press Book a Reading and choose a time that suits you.

Thanks and I very much look forward to helping you and your animals.

MISSION Statement:  ‘Being of service to all sentient beings, as a psychic medium. Facilitating deeper understanding, connection and healing before, during and after physical death.’