How does being a psychic medium work?
How does being a psychic medium work?

How does being a psychic medium work?

How does it work? I don’t honestly know, all I know is that it does work. I can only guess at the mysteries that surround us, not least of which are the ways we communicate verbally and non-verbally.

How do we know what Love is? We feel it. How do we know we are angry or threatened or in fear, we feel it. Same with connecting to animals who have passed out of their physical bodies and now remain in their metaphysical body.

The material ego is constantly making sure we stay alive and its’ job is for us to remain in our physical body and to make sure that it isn’t threatened. The concept of not just having on physical body but also being an energy body is not liked very much by our egoic mid-brain.

Our egos do have a job, and that job is contingent on us remaining physically alive any variation form this is often a threat and not accepted as real.

We all have this egoic brain (the mid-brain helps us stay alive) and we all have a frontal lobe (discernment). The frontal lobe feels and accepts Divine grace, truth and beauty yet cannot see it, poetry is moving not perhaps from the words but the feeling one gets from reading between the lines.

The frontal lobe is perhaps the part of our brain that can explore psychic awareness. We used psychic abilities when we were hunter gathers. Talking to plants warned by some and told how to eat and what to eat to relieve stomach pains or any ailment. As we don’t need their help like we did this has been lost to most of us.

We can bring it back to life. When we are quiet enough we can listen when we are listening enough we can respond and conversation is possible again with plants, animals and animals who are in energetic form.

You can know psychic awareness by experiencing it. Once someone experiences their psychic gift they know it is true and from this place it can be expanded and matured.