What is an Energetic Healing?
What is an Energetic Healing?

What is an Energetic Healing?

I will tune in to the body and describe what I am feeling empathically in mine and also what I psychically see, then we go from there, and you add what you need and want from this reading.

Our bodies are infinitely intelligent they are programs within programs and from a deep level can be talked to. Sometimes we inherit physical challenges either from our physical genes or our karmic genes.

I will communicate with the body and see what parts of my body empathically start speaking via feeling, or seeing scenarios attached to this particular health challenge.

When I look into your body and go deeply into its programing I have changed from seeing it as something wrong and needing to ‘heal’ – rather it is doing all it can and may need your help to ‘integrate’ – new foods or thought patterns or simply accepting radically how it is right now and allowing yourself to mourn or to deeply trust its process.

Your body might need you to help it integrate by shifting some behaviour or even a belief system.  I will ‘speak’ to your unconscious and we can do some deep shadow work and ask it why you have this and what you can do if anything to shift things forward and feel healthy again.

I will talk with traumatized parts of your body and together we will create a new way of seeing, dealing and integrating your new path into wellness and peace.

If you are willing to listen to what your body is saying and take what small steps you can, one day at a time, then shifts insights and sometimes life changing events, in my experience can occur.