Plants and Psychic Communication.
Plants and Psychic Communication.

Plants and Psychic Communication.

An amazing woman who was headed towards becoming a nun changed her life direction and began communing with plants. She started a Physic Garden growing herbs and plants that became medicines for animals and humans. Her business is called Perelandra.

Described as ‘co-creative science’, she psychically hears the herbs/plants tell her how and where to grow them for highest medicinal effect.

I often refer animal clients to her website as she sells an amazing tincture called ETS for animals (and for humans) that help stop the mid-brain going into undue anxiety and I have seen some amazing results. Nervous dogs who couldn’t stop barking or terrified cats who where too shy to be petted by a trusted owner around others all benefited from a few drops of the stuff.

I do not have any affiliation at all with her or the business, it’s just that I love for people to use it to help traumatized their pets.

My experience with ETS for humans: I started to black out in the Texas heat after working outside with the horses and special needs clients. I decided to try the ETS as it worked well on my horses to help them get over old trauma.

I bought some, and took it just as the blackout began to take over; my vision returned and I would be fine! I literally over rode heat trauma that I had succumbed to as a fair haired Brit. in Texas over the years.

Taking it before during or after any present trauma or for old anxiety and emotional seems to help slow the mid-brain down and return to regulation and the frontal lobe, back to peace and sense.