Animals and the human Soul
Animals and the human Soul

Animals and the human Soul

What is our Soul?  Is it a certain depth, is it a quietness, a peacefulness?  Is it our truer Self?  

When we catch ourselves in Soulful moments, we are between the world of ‘matter’ (i.e. everything ‘matters’ culminating in stress, chasing and wanting more)  and the world of ‘nothing matters’.

When we are Soulful we tend to be easier going, ‘in a moment’ rather than fighting ‘a moment’.  Soulful times give us relief from our brains which are hard wired to fight Love, fight what’s going on, to survive, to complain and bemoan what is happening.  It likes being ON and when it is ON, it’s usually pissed off or dis-gruntled.  So we just go along with it, suffering a quiet desperation.

Soulful’ness.. is it Love expressing itself as a wistful’ness, a poem, a single pink blossom, is it simply a solid momentum un-interupted peace? Coming from our Soul we can lead courageously, we can stand up for the truth passionately, generally though, it has a base level of peace which nearly always feels ‘right’ or just really lovely.  Being Soulful is perhaps a depth of Being that is actually, just a deep Love that flows through when the brain lets it.

So why don’t we live soulfully 24/7?  Well, apparently we have a brain that is naturally hard wired to survive by looking for what is not working and basically is constantly fighting what it wants most, happiness …. by avoiding Love and Peace and Presence.  The sad irony is that we actually have joy at our fingertips by being Soulfully connected.  But contrary to our brains the soul always chooses the nicest deeper more LOVING warm feeling (sometimes not the easiest path though) and it chooses the deeper internal flow, accepting what is happening in each situation unquestionably even if it sucks in our souls we know it is what it is, and from this place we can change it or not change it.  Soulful doing is usually always LOVE inducing.  Our brains can evolve to understand and go with our Souls choices and we can help our brain by re-training it, which re-wires it.

Every moment from now onwards wether it be with our partners, children, friends, colleagues and of course strangers we re-train it to  choose what our Soul chooses.  Our brain has evolved to this place here today right now and it’s time to up grade.  Evolving our precious brains into realizing that fighting Love  sucks.  Wouldn’t it be much better to simply feel good on a minute by minute to daily basis? (YES t’would!)

ARRH but feeling good to some brains can mean – pleasure seeking external pleasure out there somewhere which seems reasonable but it doesn’t work for long and can often lead to painful addictions, yikes – i.e.  jails, institutions and/or death, basically another world of pain.  Each to their own, however, it’s pretty simple, choosing our inner deep Soul can produce a lovely, deep, healingy life style so it would make sense to ….

GO INTO OUR SOULFULL SELF and hang out here more and more daily.  Pray from here, Love from here, Give from here, Listen from here, Dance from here.  Be realer and deeper, excavate the depths of your/our/my/his/her Soul.

By re-training ourselves to come from here we remember how to feel ALIVE again.

Our soul is waiting for us, patiently, no agenda one way or the other.

She/He/It is here right now.

As you feel her… Love… flow….into your current situation, sitting or reading or resting in the present moment you may feel a certain peace, stay here maybe and cultivate this peace.  It could be the start to a deeply meaningful and quietly illuminated life, that is yours for the Being of it.

From the Depths of Our Soul lies a profound Love that is collective and is where we all come from and return to.