Psychic  Animal  Medium


  • Each past life regression is a ninety minute session.
  • We start by learning or practicing out muscle testing technique.
  • I teach or we go over a short effective meditation.
  • We meditate together for a short while.

Then we begin.

  • While you meditate I will tune in and psychically ‘see’ colors or a dress, shoe, a scene, a sense of a person and a sense of a scenario
  • I write this down and I do not discuss this with you until later, if you want affirmation.
  • You begin to slowly recall, as I hold the space.
  • I guide you without suggestion, but I ask questions to get a broader picture of this new world.
  • I use psychic skill to ‘see’ what you ‘see’ and we travel together.
  • I do not mention what I see just take notes if you need them later.
  • Inevitably we will come across trauma and this we heal later using Psych K or EFT.
  • Healing trauma from other lives and resolving other deaths can be very helpful, lifting phobias and unhealthy patterns.
  • Once lives and especially deaths are witnessed like this it is so much easier to understand present situations and resolve them.
  • This can put things in the here and now into perspective.
  • It is now much easier to update old mental patterns, floating anxiety.
  • I have found once seen and updated, pain from past lives and past deaths and future life will not bother you in this life, in the same way again.

Upgrading relationships with family, friends and career paths.

  • We often share lives with people we know in this life.
  • Others do not need to know who you were to each other in past lives that you recall in this way to feel a shift in your relationship now.
  • Past life sessions often help other people in your life to have a deeper connection with you once a past life issue is resolved.
  • I have seen miracles occur after past and future life regressions.
  • So far everyone I have worked with has been able to regress.
  • I began my training in 1998 and have been doing sessions ever since.
  • This is one of the great privileges of my life to work with people in this way.